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Sandton Estonia OÜ

General information

Legal form: Private limited company
Registry code: 12941707
Registration date: 05.11.2015 (1)
Capital: 100 000.00 €
Address: Lõõtsa tn 8a, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 11415
Status: registered



Classification of economic activities

VATIN (KMKR) registrations

No VATIN registrations.



Private persons

Name Date of birth Role Valid since Valid now
Mirjam-Mari Marastu 26.08.1977 (39) management board member 05.11.2015 (1) yes
Yasuo Nakae 11.06.1947 (70) management board member 07.01.2016 (1) yes

Paid taxes, turnover and employee count

Period National taxes Taxes on workforce Turnover Employee count
2016 yr Q1 0.00 EUR 0.00 EUR N/D N/D
2016 yr Q2 182.00 EUR 0.00 EUR N/D N/D
2016 yr Q3 0.00 EUR 0.00 EUR N/D N/D
2016 yr Q4 181.25 EUR 0.00 EUR N/D N/D
2017 yr Q1 182.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 0

2017 yr Q1 paid taxes analysis

National taxes

Workforce and national taxes ratio: 0.00%
Monthly average indicators
National taxes: 60.67 EUR
Workforce and national taxes difference: 60.67 EUR
Turnover: 0.00 EUR
Turnover and capital ratio: 0%

Taxes on workforce

Monthly average indicators
Taxes on workforce: 0.00 EUR

Tax debts

Start date
Claim type Claim sum Scheduled Disputed
No tax debts exist.

Official announcements (in Estonian)

Official announcements not found.

Judgments (in Estonian)

Judgments not found.