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Terms of use

By using the web resource (hereinafter the Service) you accept all of the following terms of use (hereinafter the Terms).

  1. Developers of the Service leave themselves the right to change the Terms without prior notice of users of the Service.
  2. The purpose of the Service is increasing the availability and search simplification of the information related to the legal entities registered in the Republic of Estonia.
  3. The Service is free of charge.
  4. Data provided by the Service is public and free of charge.
  5. The age of the data provided by the Service in most cases does not exceed 30 days but can be older.
  6. The Service may be used only for achieving the benevolent purposes.
  7. The Service may be used for both personal and commercial purposes.
  8. It is forbidden to send to the Service quiries that are automated using software or to analyze data provided by the Service using software.

The Service is designed and operates only using open source software.